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128,39 EUR*
Details Effectiveness, Quality and Efficiency: A Management Oriented Approach

Effectiveness, Quality and Efficiency Management-oriented, this text about efficiency, quality and effectiveness contains new ideas regarding quality and efficiency-based effective management.

59,00 EUR*
Details Teacher Effectiveness,Organisational Climate And Quantitative Ability.

[{ Teacher Effectiveness, Organisational Climate and Quantitative Ability. By Ojelabi Sunday Adeyemi ( Author ) Feb - 16- 2013 ( Paperback ) } ]

44,95 EUR*
Details School Effectiveness in China: An Exploratory Study

This book is a valuable attempt to address the issue of school effectiveness in mainland China. The author applies multi-level modeling and longitudinal student achievement and survey data to evaluate school effectiveness. In the first study, the ...

43,64 EUR*
Details War, Strategy, and Military Effectiveness

War, Strategy, and Military Effectiveness Shows how studying military and strategic history can help us confront problems of war and peace in the twenty-first century. Full description

62,99 EUR*
Details Development Effectiveness: Strategies for Is Organizational Transition (Ernst & Young Information Management)

Development Effectiveness This study describes the concept of development effectiveness, presenting business managers confronted with the need to develop or enlarge information systems with a range of strategies designed to integrate developing ...

138,23 EUR*
Details Prenatal Care: Effectiveness and Implementation

This book evaluates the effectiveness of prenatal care interventions and provides a framework for prenatal care that looks beyond the limited perspective of immediate neonatal outcomes. Ultimately, this book seeks to improve the content and the ...